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Pulsar® Chemicals - Power And Performance

It’s all about Pulsar Chemistry

Chlorination Chemistry

A 3-in-1 product that chlorinates consistently, increases calcium to protect plaster, and balances alkalinity to stabilize pH – calcium hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) is one of the most widely used chemicals for sanitizing swimming pool water and is the only commercial pool treatment sanitization method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats in one process.


pH Control Chemistry

pH control plays a vital role in maintaining the water quality and comfort of commercial pools. They help regulate the pH levels within the recommended range, ensuring the water is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Proper pH balance is crucial as it impacts the effectiveness of sanitizers, prevents corrosion of pool equipment, and promotes swimmer comfort by preventing eye and skin irritation. By utilizing pH control products, commercial pool operators can provide a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for their patrons while prolonging the lifespan of their pool infrastructure.

Cyanuric Acid Chemistry

Dry cyanuric acid is an essential component for commercial pools as it serves as a stabilizer for chlorine. It helps to protect the chlorine molecules from the degrading effects of sunlight, thus extending its effectiveness and reducing the frequency of chlorine replenishment. By maintaining proper cyanuric acid levels in the recommended range, commercial pool operators can optimize the efficiency of their chlorine usage, save costs on chemical replenishment, and ensure consistent water sanitation for swimmers.

Pool Maintenance Products

Pulsar® provides pool maintenance products compatible with Pulsar® Systems all-in-one water treatment solutions.  The Clarifier Pro, Multi Action Pro, and Phosphate Pro are all NSF certified pool maintenance products.

Phosphate Pro

  • Controls phosphate levels
  • Avoids cloudy water
  • Minimizes algae blooms

Clarifier Pro

  • Improves water clarity
  • Improves efficacy of UV systems
  • Reduces turbidity

Multi Action Pro

  • Highly concentrated enzyme
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Prevents water line build up