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The reliable 4-in-1 solution that lowers pH, prevents scale, prevents corrosion and clarifies.

Recommended Pool Size: 100,000 - 500,000 gallons

If you’re using Pulsar® calcium hypochlorite feeders, the Pulsar® Acid Plus feeder system can help you maintain a complete dry chemical package for sanitization and pH control (down).

The Pulsar® Acid Plus Feed System provides:

  • Reliable pH balancing
  • Features a compact rugged roto molded body
  • Integrates inlet flow solenoid control for reliable operation
  • Shares booster and venturi loop
  • Custom color to distinguish between other feeders
  • Acid introduced to venturi removes scale and minimizes maintenance
  • Back flow prevention

The Pulsar® Acid Plus feeder system is low maintenance, easy to install and has a small footprint making it a great addition to your pool chlorination treatment plan.

The Pulsar® pH Down +4 is a proprietary formulation with the following benefits:

  • Dry acid chemical is easier to handle and transport than CO2 and muriatic acid
  • Requires NO double containment
  • Ensures no liquid spills
  • Has little to no odor
  • Dry acid solution is 100% soluble
  • Acid solution is not under pressure
  • Less hazardous than highly concentrated liquid
  • 10lbs is equivalent to 1 gallon of 32% (20 Baumé) muriatic acid

Customizable Skid System

Pulsar feeder housing systems are easy to install, designed with forklift cutaways and feature skid pump mounting. With configurations to meet site requirements, installations can include, pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage – all with spill containment a critically important component of our design.

  • Customized installations to your site requirements
  • Installations can include pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage
  • Designed with forklift cutaway
  • Easy installation
  • On-skid pump mounting
  • Purpose-built for spill containment

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