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Powering Smarter And Safer Pools

Complete Visibility From The Cloud To The Pool

One Platform For All Your Pool Operations

The Pulsar® GuardTec IoT System brings clarity to pool water and to every decision in the operation and management of commercial pools. Easily and instantly monitor, diagnose and manage water quality in multiple pools from a single device in real-time.

Better Results, Easier Operation

  • Unrivaled water quality across your entire universe of pools and spas
  • 24/7/365 Access to your pool monitoring, diagnostics and performance data
  • A modular system for a wide range of commercial pool and spa applications
  • Easy installation and ongoing operation
  • Automated control of Pulsar chlorine and acid feed systems
  • Sustainable, more efficient, easier and safer to use

Bring Intelligence To Every Pool

Powered by cloud-connected software that analyzes and reports your pool data, a modular and intuitive system that supports any commercial pool or spa design, and industry-leading chemistry that creates safer and more sustainable pools, GuardTec is an all-in-one pool management solution that begins controlling, reporting and troubleshooting the feed system immediately in real-time to the facility manager and operations team. It’s that easy.

GuardTec Cloud

A Revolutionary Cloud-To-Pool Controller

Coupled with our industry-leading chemistry that creates safer and more sustainable pools, GuardTec is an automated, IoT-enabled Pool Chemistry Controller designed to make pool management seamless and easy. Built with precision ORP and pH sensors as well as enhanced safety features to make commercial pool management seamless, GuardTec is highly reliable and accessible from anywhere. Pulsar® GuardTec enables easy online management for pool operators and facility managers of all your aquatic facilities, individual pools, spas and parks – so you can instantly view, analyze and take action.

Key Features & Benefits of the GuardTec System

The core of the GuardTec IoT System is a set of probes, modular relays, a lighted flow cell and 7” touchscreen that can be mounted to our feed system skid or to a nearby wall. With its simple plug-and-play technology and setup instructions, you can be up and running quickly with game-changing visibility and access to manage water quality from your mobile devices.   

Grouping of pools, spas, parks

Easy online management of any and all aquatic facilities, individual pools, spas, water features and parks. GuardTec enables you to instantly view, analyze and take action – and offers a host of other features and benefits.

Real-time monitoring of chemical consumption

  • pH, ORP, FAC (coming soon) displayed in real-time
  • Temperature, probe life and controller set points
  • Chemical usage and trends
  • Historical analysis by day/week/month/quarter

Notifications & Alarms

  • Customizable Notifications and Alarm Categories
  • Notifications via email to designated recipient(s)

Water Link® Spin Touch® Connected Water Testing

  • Auto-calibrate GuardTec probes to match wet test
  • Upload manual wet test results to Solenis Cloud® for viewing and reporting

System Connectivity

  • Manage multiple chemistry controllers via a single modem
  • Web-based, Bluetooth-enabled, mobile-friendly platform
  • Dedicated portal built using the Cumulocity® IoT Platform on Solenis Cloud®
  • Accessible via cellular connection with agnostic SIM card managed by Solenis on Webbing® platform
  • Local network option available with inherent IT security built on Cumulocity® platform with one-way connection to prevent unauthorized remote access or control

Water Solutions For Commercial Pools

For nearly 45 years, Pulsar® products have been at the cutting edge of commercial swimming pool water treatment. Our industry-leading chemistry provides safer, higher quality, and more responsible commercial pool management solutions. And now, Pulsar’s all-new GuardTec is the first cloud-connected and fully-automated pool management system.

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