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Markets/Commercial Facilities Served

Pulsar® Pool Solutions has been at the cutting edge of commercial swimming pool water treatment for almost 50 years. Our automatic chlorinator products, technologies and thorough chemical feeder application knowledge enable us to deliver just the right solution for your most demanding water sanitizer needs. We have spent decades perfecting the process of water sanitization using dry Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo tablets) to bring predictable chlorination for commercial pool treatment water chemistry.

Aquatic centers and swim schools benefit from Pulsar Systems pool sanitizer systems that use high capacity erosion (HCE) feeders and cal hypo briquettes which are specifically manufactured for our feeders to provide clean and clear water for your guests.

Aquatic Centers & Swim Schools

Aquatic centers and swim schools are designed to provide swimmers and their families a clean, comfortable and friendly learn-to-swim environment as well as offering exceptional settings for competitive performance. Having clear, safe pool water at all times is the top priority. In order to achieve this, maintaining consistent chlorine residual through highly fluctuating bather loads often presents major pool disinfectant challenges.

Pulsar® Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) feeder systems for pool sanitization are a proven and highly efficient solution for many aquatic centers. The ability to achieve consistent and accurate chlorination levels while effectively ending many of the long-standing concerns with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) results in safer swimming conditions, less stress on facilities and equipment, and optimal chemicals storage and containment. Other benefits include reducing high total dissolved solids (TDS) issues, eliminating inconsistent solution dosing and air-bound metering pumps from NaOCl off-gassing.

Municipal & Public Pools

Providing a safe, clean, pool experience can be an overwhelming task for any municipal pool operator or aquatics maintenance manager. Your attention must be split over many facets of the operation.  Pulsar® Calcium Hypochlorite feeders (Cal Hypo) automatic chlorinators provide for highly efficient water sanitization in an easy-to-operate-and-maintain, small footprint system.

Pulsar® Plus Calcium Hypochlorite and Pulsar® chemical feeder systems for pools brings significant ease of chemical handling and the elimination of potential hazards associated with the storage and use of a high solution strength liquid chemical under a pressurized system. Because it’s made into solution only as needed, inconsistent solution strength, degradation and byproduct formation issues caused by time temperature and other factors are eliminated.

Pulsar Systems helps municipal & public pools provide their guests with clean and clear water. Pulsar pool chlorination feed systems and cal hypo briquettes are designed for any size commercial pool, including indoor multi-lap olympic pools.

Competitive Pools

The continuous thrashing of the water and perspiration from athletes in competitive pools require consistent chlorination to maintain the appropriate chlorine residual. Pulsar® Calcium Hypochlorite and Pulsar® automatic pool chemical dispensers provide the chlorination method of choice for many top competitive pools, including those serving high-profile competitive events such as the U.S. Swim Team trials for the Rio Summer Games in 2016 and for the Tokyo Summer Games in 2022. Pulsar® Cal Hypo feed systems provide sufficient capacity, accuracy and a unique delivery method to help eliminate dips in chlorine levels, which is especially important in the high demand environments of top-class competitive pools.

Water/Theme Parks

Maintaining safe water quality for guests at all times and ensuring hygienic recreational quality water throughout an entire water park is a non-negotiable. In addition to proper water sanitization, maintaining high water clarity, color and sparkle is also paramount. Many of the largest and most frequented water parks in the world trust Pulsar® all-in-one feed systems for their recreational water sanitizer  needs. And for good reason – we deliver a total water disinfection solution to our water park customers, providing the ability to maintain the cleanest, clearest, most balanced water possible.

Liquid-form bleach solutions often cause significant challenges as degradation results in high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels that significantly affect water clarity. Numerous clients have converted from liquid bleach to Pulsar® Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) primarily to keep TDS levels low enough to avoid nullifying warranties on other equipment on site. This switch to Cal Hypo offers solution consistency, bather protection, and water clarity to their sites, while also  preventing equipment warranty issues down the road.

Large water park and theme park aquatics maintenance operators turn to Pulsar Systems whenever they need mission-critical commercial water treatment solutions that use high capacity erosion (HCE) feeders and cal hypo briquettes, with 24/7 monitoring and remote reporting.
Pulsar Systems serves the Hotel and Hospitality industry with their guest pools and other water features. We manufacture our patented high-capacity erosion (HCE) automatic feeders, cal hypo briquettes, pool maintenance chemicals, real-time reporting and monitoring systems with ease of use and safety in mind.


Swimming pools often serve as the centerpiece for many destination hotels and resorts. While swimming pools are a highly important water feature for most resort properties and leading hotels, they are also one of the more expensive and time-consuming features for property owners to operate and maintain. Many of the best hotels and resorts have long used Pulsar® pool chlorination systems at their properties because they provide demand-based chlorination that automatically adds just the right the amount of chlorine that a pool needs to protect guests. For our hospitality customers, our chlorination systems provide excellent water appearance, ease in handling, low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) buildup – and peace of mind.

Fountains and Interactive Water Features

Pulsar® all-in-one feeder systems are used to treat and protect many large, high-profile fountains and decorative water features, including several world-famous Las Vegas fountains and water features. Interactive fountains and artistic/interactive water features add beauty and prestige to a destination, but it’s important to treat the water to control algae and to protect guests from harmful pathogens that can become airborne and pose a serious threat of respiratory illnesses, such as from Legionella. Our small footprint, low-maintenance Pulsar® chlorination feeder systems keep water clear and sparkling and help maintain guest protection at all times.

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