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Pulsar® Dealers –
Excellence and Reliability

Partnering to deliver excellence

Pulsar® Pool Solutions has been a leader in professional pool sanitization and care for nearly three decades. Our all-in-one commercial pool treatment, automatic chlorinator products, innovative technologies, and extensive chemical feeder application knowledge position us at the forefront of the industry – a position that we owe to the many dedicated professional dealers and distributors that we serve.

Achieving excellence In pool operations & care

Our core values of service and product excellence, reliability, and innovation have always been built on knowledge sharing and industry thought leadership, and as a member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), we proudly offer fully accredited  Pulsar® Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training and certification in English and Spanish to commercial pool dealers, distributors and service providers throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Our CPO training provides in-depth information vital to professionals at every level, and once completed, competitively positions and differentiates our dealer network to deliver excellent service and results to their customers.

Whether you’re a dealer that’s in a relationship with Pulsar or you’re seeking to partner with Pulsar to improve your team with the knowledge and skills to excel in commercial pool care – enhance skills and maximize career opportunities by pursuing Pulsar CPO training with PHTA certification – available for all levels and specialties.

Strategic dealer support and resources

Created with our dealer network in mind, we’ve made it easier for Pulsar® dealers to access, enter, and track purchases, shipping and overall product usage rates. Through the Pulsar® ESA Portal, dealers can contact their Pulsar® representative with one click and can more easily adapt and forecast support needs, cycles and budgets.

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