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Cal Hypo Feed Systems

Powerful performance for commercial pool disinfection
with High Capacity Erosion (HCE) technology

The Pulsar® Precision and Pulsar® Precision 30 are revolutionary high-capacity erosion feed systems (HCE) designed specifically for introducing calcium hypochlorite into commercial pools. These innovative systems offer superior efficiency and accuracy, ensuring precise dosage control and consistent water sanitation. Unlike spray feeders, the Pulsar® Precision series utilizes an advanced erosion technology that optimizes the dissolution process, resulting in enhanced water quality and reduced chemical waste.

Cal Hypo Feed Systems

With Pulsar® Systems, remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle are as easy to achieve as they are to enjoy! The Pulsar® lineup of feed systems and sanitizing solutions are energy efficient, easy to maintain and service, and feature flexible modular designs that allow for easy integration with small to large commercial pools – all while helping deliver consistently better pool experiences. When used with Pulsar® calcium hypochlorite briquettes or tablets, our feeders:

  • Chlorinate consistently
  • Shock treat
  • Control organics
  • Boost hardness
  • Treat metals

Our innovative feed systems are energy efficient and easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration for small to large commercial ​pools!


Centralized Control and Fully Integrated with GuardTec®

Pulsar GuardTec® Chemical Control seamlessly integrates with Pulsar high-capacity erosion feed systems, revolutionizing the way commercial pools are maintained. This advanced system offers centralized control and monitoring, allowing more precise adjustments and real-time tracking of chemical dosing, ensuring optimal water quality and simplifying pool maintenance processes

Splash-Free Solutions That Simplify Storage And Reduce Damage

The CDC reports that as many as 5,200 ER visits per year are due to pool chemical related injuries. Pulsar® Commercial Pool Solutions feature dry chemicals that stay dry until water enters the feeder, so no splashing (which causes damage to vehicles and pump rooms). Easy to store and manage, our automatic system options require minimal operator dosage adjustments. All that’s needed is storage off the ground in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas.

Pulsar Plus cal hypo briquettes are a great choice of sanitizer and they can have a significant cost impact on a large aquatic facility. Compare calcium hyupochlorite to trichloroisocyanuric acid (Trichlor) and you will realize the considerable differences.

Powered by Pulsar Plus Briquettes

Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) is one of the most widely used chemicals for sanitizing swimming pool water and is the only commercial pool treatment sanitization method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats in one process. Pulsar®Plus Cal Hypo briquettes help you greatly reduce pool surface erosion and repairs while improving water clarity and balance without the constant worry that your pool will experience unsightly and costly plaster damage.

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