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Pulsar® Precision 30 High-Performance Commercial Pool Chlorination System

Recommended Pool Size: 10,000 - 300,000 gallons

The Pulsar Precision 30 chlorination feeder is one component of our all-in-one commercial pool feeder system, which also includes precisely engineered cal hypo briquettes, monitoring, and testing.

Patented Pulsar® Precision 30 Provides High-Tech Commercial Pool Disinfection with Powerful Performance

Commercial pool water maintenance is now easier – Pulsar® Precision 30 is a patented high-precision Calcium Hypochlorite system that uses a High-Capacity Erosion (HCE) feeder—resulting in clear, sparkling pool water that lasts.

One of the core components of our all-in-one commercial pool treatment solutions, this new Pulsar® Precision 30 feeder system features a compact, lightweight design that’s easy to use. Leading the way with our new feeder technology and our exclusive patented diffuser to remove solids, it provides consistent chlorination for up to 100,000 gallons of pool water for safe, clean and sparkling results.

Longer Lasting, Powerful Performance

When used with Pulsar® Briquettes, this innovative feeder provides powerful performance and long-lasting results—which means less time spent on maintenance. The briquettes produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution, which allows for steady sanitization and clean pool water that sparkles brighter for longer.

Additional benefits you’ll get with a Precision 30 automatic chlorinator:

  • Provides consistent chlorine delivery
  • Won’t over stabilize your pool
  • More concentrated than liquid bleach
  • Will not cause reduction of ORP
  • Highly concentrated tablets reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach
  • Designed to minimize scheduled maintenance hours

The Power of Cal Hypo

Calcium Hypochlorite tablets are more concentrated than liquid bleach, and solid briquettes eliminate the threat of hazardous spills around workers and guests. Cal Hypo tabs ensure your water receives consistent chlorine delivery, so your competitive swimmers and bathers feel confident in the water at all times.  Our all-in-one pool chlorination systems will not harm your pool surfaces nor will they cause a reduction of ORP.

Pulsar Plus cal hypo briquettes are a great choice of sanitizer and they can have a significant cost impact on a large aquatic facility. Compare calcium hyupochlorite to trichloroisocyanuric acid (Trichlor) and you will realize the considerable differences.

Pulsar® provides a complete lineup of pool maintenance products compatible with Pulsar® All In One Systems and with Precision® Feed Systems.

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Switch to the Pulsar® Precision 30 Feeder System, delivering clear and sparkling water time and time again! Call 800-4-PULSAR (800-478-5727) today to get help designing your all-in-one water treatment system. Our knowledgeable sales and support staff can answer all your commercial chlorination questions.

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