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Pulsar® Customizable
Skid System

Containment And Convenience – Pulsar® Feeder Housing Systems

Pulsar feeder housing systems are easy to install, designed with forklift cutaways and feature skid pump mounting. With configurations to meet site requirements, installations can include, pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage – all with spill containment a critically important component of our design.

  • Customized installations to your site requirements
  • Installations can include pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage
  • Designed with forklift cutaway
  • Easy installation
  • On-skid pump mounting
  • Purpose-built for spill containment

Splash-Free Solutions That Simplify Storage And Reduce Damage

Pulsar®Commercial Pool Solutions feature dry chemicals that stay dry until water enters the feeder, so no splashing (which causes damage to vehicles and pump rooms). Easy to store customizable housing systems can be configured to meet your individual site requirements and our automatic feed system options require minimal operator dosage adjustments. All that’s needed is storage off the ground in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas.