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Pulsar® Power Shock

Industry’s strongest Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) shock treatment. Granules dissolve and activate in seconds to shock your pool and spa water and destroy organic contaminants with 78% available chlorine. Once you treat your pool with Pulsar® Power Shock, you’ll never again have to wait for those old, slow-acting standard grade granules to start working. With 92% of its granules dispersing evenly in one minute or less, there’s no need to pre-dissolve like some of the competition; or clean up stains from un-dissolved Cal Hypo on the bottom of your pool. You control the dosage by the amount you scoop, pour or broadcast. Pulsar® Power Shock – the convenient, fast and powerful way to shock your pool water cleanly and clearly.

  • Available in 25lb plastic pails
  • 78% available chlorine – the most highly concentrated Calcium Hypochlorite on the market
  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Minimal insolubles
  • Calcium provides corrosion protection
  • Cyanuric Acid-Free