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pH Control Feeder Systems

Powerful Reliable pH Control

pH Control and Cyanuric Acid Feeder Systems

Pulsar pH control and Cyanuric acid feeders are cutting-edge solutions tailored for commercial pool maintenance. These innovative systems enable precise and automated regulation of pH levels and Cyanuric acid concentration, ensuring optimal water balance. The Pulsar pH Control feed system continuously monitors and adjusts the pH levels, eliminating the need for manual testing and adjustment. The Pulsar Acid Plus feed system provides consistent and controlled dosing to maintain the ideal Cyanuric acid levels, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of chlorine and prolonging its lifespan. Together, these feeders streamline pool maintenance and contribute to a healthier swimming environment.


A Commitment To Safety

The CDC reports that as many as 5,200 ER visits per year are due to pool chemical related injuries. Pulsar®Commercial Pool Solutions feature dry chemicals that stay dry until water enters the feeder, so no splashing (which causes damage to vehicles and pump rooms).

Easy to store and manage, our automatic system options require minimal operator dosage adjustments. All that’s needed is storage off the ground in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas.

Another example of our commitment to safety and ease of handling is Pulsar® pH Down +4; a proprietary formulation that is more convenient to transport and handle than CO2 and muriatic acid. It requires NO double containment, ensuring no liquid spills. Pulsar® pH Down +4 has little to no odor, making it less hazardous than highly concentrated liquid. The dry acid solution is 100% soluble and can be used in all standard applications where a dry acid solution is required.

Side View

Front View

Customizable Skid System

Pulsar feeder housing systems are easy to install, designed with forklift cutaways and feature skid pump mounting. With configurations to meet site requirements, installations can include, pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage – all with spill containment a critically important component of our design.

  • Customized installations to your site requirements
  • Installations can include pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage
  • Designed with forklift cutaway
  • Easy installation
  • On-skid pump mounting
  • Purpose-built for spill containment

Request the Pulsar Acid Plus Spec Sheet

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Request the Pulsar Acid Plus Spec Sheet

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