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Proper pH Control With Easy Maintenance

Manage proper pH levels for your commercial pool or water feature

The Pulsar® pH Control Feed System can help maintain proper pH levels in your pool, spa or water feature. This pH control system integrates a molded, polyethylene acid storage tank and a low maintenance, easily serviceable peristaltic dosing pump. The system is easily adjusted to balance the pH increases from hypochlorite sanitizers – with or without the use of an automated chemistry controller. Featuring a small footprint, easy level confirmation and ability to be floor mounted make it a perfect addition to the Pulsar® lineup of commercial pool water treatment products.

Key features and benefits of the Pulsar® pH Control Feed System include:

  • Uses readily available 20 ​​Baumé Muriatic acid
  • Heavy duty polyethylene tank and pump platform can be secured to the floor with built-in seismic restraints
  • Translucent tank wall allows for visual confirmation of acid level
  • Pump is self-priming and resistant to run dry
  • Valve free pump head for easy maintenance
  • Operation of this system can be independent, integrated with Pulsar® chlorination systems, or integrated with a full-feature pool controller.

Customizable Skid System

Pulsar feeder housing systems are easy to install, designed with forklift cutaways and feature skid pump mounting. With configurations to meet site requirements, installations can include, pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage – all with spill containment a critically important component of our design.

  • Customized installations to your site requirements
  • Installations can include pump, controller, dual feeder or feeder plus chemical storage
  • Designed with forklift cutaway
  • Easy installation
  • On-skid pump mounting
  • Purpose-built for spill containment

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