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Pulsar® Infinity Fully Integrated Commercial Pool Chlorination System

Recommended Pool Size: 5,000 - 150,000 gallons

Pulsar Infinity

The Pulsar® Infinity water treatment system is an innovative approach to commercial pool chlorination. The patent-pending, slow dissolving calcium hypochlorite tablets work with our easy-to-operate Pulsar® Infinity feeder to deliver an automatic solution that meets the needs of today’s advanced pool facilities.

The Pulsar® Infinity platform is a 3-in-1 product that chlorinates the water, increases calcium, and boosts alkalinity. With the simplicity of an erosion feeder, the Pulsar® Infinity feeder’s streamlined design is easy to install and operate and requires minimal aquatics staff interaction.

There has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest in high-tech pool water treatment, delivering clear and sparkling water time and time again.

  • Consistent chlorine delivery
  • Adds no cyanuric acid (CYA) to your pool for less wasteful drainage
  • Dissolves slowly to give long-lasting action
  • Boosts pool alkalinity
  • Adds calcium to protect and lengthen the life of your plaster
  • Cal hypo tablets work with ORP sensors
  • Highly concentrated tablets reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Will not cause reduction of ORP
  • More concentrated than liquid bleach
  • Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach
  • Adds less total dissolved solids (TDS) than liquid bleach

The Pulsar® Infinity automatic chlorinator is a high-capacity erosion (HCE) feeder that is compact and lightweight with a modular design. It is a 3-in-1 super product that chlorinates consistently, increases calcium to protect your commercial pool’s plaster, and balances alkalinity to stabilize pH!

Our workhorse pool sanitizer feeder uses Pulsar® calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) briquettes that produce a concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean, clear water every time. This innovative pool chemical feeder system is easy to maintain and service with a flexible design that allows for easy integration into any size commercial pool operation.

Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets Are a Better Choice for Operators

Calcium hypochlorite tablets are more concentrated than liquid bleach, and solid briquettes eliminate the threat of hazardous spills around workers and guests. Cal hypo tabs ensure your water receives consistent chlorine delivery, so your competitive swimmers and bathers always feel confident in the water. Our all-in-one pool chlorination systems will not harm your pool surfaces nor will they cause a reduction of ORP.

Below are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with an Infinity automatic chlorinator:

  • Provides consistent chlorine delivery
  • Won’t over stabilize your pool
  • More concentrated than liquid bleach
  • Will not cause reduction of ORP
  • Highly concentrated tablets reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Longer shelf life when compared to liquid bleach
  • Designed to minimize scheduled maintenance hours
Pulsar Plus cal hypo briquettes are a great choice of sanitizer and they can have a significant cost impact on a large aquatic facility. Compare calcium hyupochlorite to trichloroisocyanuric acid (Trichlor) and you will realize the considerable differences.
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