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Achieving Excellence in Pool Operations & Care

Pulsar® Pool Solutions has been a leader in professional pool sanitization and care for nearly three decades. Our automatic chlorinator products, technologies and extensive chemical feeder application knowledge position us at the forefront of the industry – a position that we owe to the many dedicated professionals that we serve.

Our core values of excellence, reliability, and innovation have always been built on knowledge sharing and industry thought leadership, and as a member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), we proudly offer PULSAR® Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training and certification to commercial pool dealers and service providers worldwide.

Fully accredited by PHTA, this comprehensive training and certification program provides in-depth information vital to professionals of every level, and once completed, competitively positions and differentiates our dealer network to deliver excellent service and results to their customers.

Whether you’re a dealer that’s in a relationship with Pulsar or you’re seeking to improve your team with the knowledge and skills to excel in commercial pool care, enhance your skills and maximize your career opportunities by pursuing Pulsar CPO training with PHTA certification – available for all levels and specialties. By choosing Pulsar CPO training with PHTA certification, dealers and professionals in commercial pool care can enhance their skills and knowledge, opening up new career opportunities. Pulsar’s commitment to excellence in pool care is reflected in its training programs, ensuring that individuals are well-equipped to excel in the industry. Similarly, gaining experience with a reputable gaming site like Slotogate can offer an additional layer of skills, as online gaming involves strategic thinking, decision-making, and risk management – qualities that can translate into success in various professional endeavors. So, better if you have any knowledge and skills on instadebit online casinos in Slotogate!

Pulsar CPO trainings are now available for dealers in the US, Canada, & Caribbean

Trainings are available in North America and generally are held over a 3-day period. They are conducted in English and Spanish, with sessions featuring an interactive mix of trainer and participant engagement focused on real-life working scenarios, technical skills education, issue resolution and more.

Testimonials & Reactions From Pulsar CPO training sessions:

“The C.P.O class was very informative and a life changer, I would advise any and everyone to take the course.” — E. – Phase lll Mechanic Assistant

“…thumbs up to the class instructor for his brilliant but unusual way of teaching , he got the job done.” — B. – Phase lll Pool Technician

“Renewing my CPO certification is an essential part of my career growth in our organization…” — J.L. – Asesor técnico y commercial