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The Difference is Clear with Pulsar® Systems

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When choosing between chlorinating with either calcium hypochlorite or bleach, you should be aware of the multiple advantages calcium hypochlorite has over bleach. 

Benefits of Calcium Hypochlorite:

  • The only sanitization method that chlorinates, removes organics, boosts hardness, & shock treats in ONE PROCESS

  • Pulsar® calcium hypochlorite chlorination systems generate hypochlorite solution on site, making only as much as the pool needs

  • The shelf life is much longer than that of bleach
Why Calcium Hypochlorite is the best choice!
A 3-in-1 product that chlorinates consistently, increases calcium to protect plaster and balances alkalinity to stabilize pH!

The Science Behind the Briquette Shape

High quality Pulsar® Briquettes are made exclusively for our feeders.

The smaller briquettes create a well-packed bed of product. This allows the feeder to contact the entire bottom of the briquette bed evenly, not just the material resting on the grid, for consistent performance and a stable feed rate.

  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Effective alternative to chlorine gas and liquid bleach
  • Contain a scale inhibitor for improving feeder maintenance
  • Easy  to transport and use
  • Dry chemical does not leak
  • Scoopable for easy handling
Pulsar Plus cal hypo briquettes are a great choice of sanitizer and they can have a significant cost impact on a large aquatic facility. Compare calcium hyupochlorite to trichloroisocyanuric acid (Trichlor) and you will realize the considerable differences.

Get a closer look at the Pulsar® Precision: